French surgery

french surgery

Exporting french surgery excellence

We can take care of patients across the world as well as in their country of origin. We have surgical teams located overseas with healthcare facilities possessing the standards required by “Le Carre Francais de Chirgurie”

We provide a service that offers French-skilled surgery all around the world.


Thanks to our wide network of skilled surgeons trained to the high French surgical standards of excellence all around the world, we can take action as quickly as necessary.


We carefully anticipate every aspect of your medical needs. Using ‘Le Carre Francais de chirurgie’ is a guarantee of top of the range healthcare that will put your well being into the best possible medical hands.

Custom-made service

Our teams take care of every detail. We take care of both your medical needs as well as any extra concerns or needs you may have. Such as top of the range accommodation for you and your family, gourmet food, and a translator.
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french surgery reliability
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